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Skorge Offline  

Ariana Grande's Marito™

Registered: 12/29/04
Posts: 73
Loc: Making sweet love with Ariana
By registering at Superiorpics Celebrity Forums, you are privileged to contribute in any form. However, if we feel this privilege is being abused, you will be warned first, then either penalized, or banned.


Please register and politely participate as much as you can.

New users:
  • must have their first 10 posts approved by a staff member before they'll show up on the forums. This can sometimes take a while, so please do not become impatient and double-post.
  • can not create new threads, you will gain this ability once you've had 10 posts approved.

a) The forum does not allow one user to have multiple login identities. Multiple IDs from the same IP will be deleted. We understand that there are members who share their IP address, whether it is because they are living in the same house, the same college housing or similar situations. If you are in this situation, please inform a Mod so that they can make an exception for you. Lying to obtain an exception to this rule will result in banning.

b) Please participate. Share pictures or videos with others and thank them for their contributions. We are not trying to force posting but if you regularly download content please thank or otherwise nicely respond to the original posters of the images or videos. It encourages them to continue posting and SuperiorPics promotes a friendly environment where hard work is appreciated and welcomed.

Though "Lurking" is completely acceptable, registration and participation is highly recommended.

c) Please clean out your Private Mailbox regularly. There is a 500 message limit. Any messages received after the limit has been reached will be returned to the original sender.

d) Please use English when posting. Although SuperiorPics hosts members from all over the world this is an English language forum. We understand if English is not your primary language and encourage best-effort attempts at posting in English.

e) Before making a request for a particular pictures or videos please read the Request Forum Rules and use the Search function. Do not post small pictures in the Pictures sections as a way to or part of a request for higher quality pictures. Posts such as that belong in the Requests section.

f) Please do not ask about the sources other posters use for their posts or how to obtain memberships, username/passwords or URLs to such sources. Such topics will be locked.

g) Do not borrow or copy the image codes from another person's posts, either from this or other forums. Besides being rude and inconsiderate of the effort and work that they put in to uploading those pictures to share, overuse of links can cause hosting sites to shut them down. We are here to share and discuss pictures, just be polite enough to re-upload them yourself and give credit where it is due.

h) If you don't like a certain celebrity please do not bother replying, especially if it is to incite arguing or disagreement. This is called trolling and will not be tolerated here. Users who break this rule will be warned and eventually banned if the trolling continues.

i) Personal attacks against other members, or attacks based on race, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation are prohibited. Explicit descriptions of sexual acts are prohibited.

j) When posting videos, please use the icon to let other members know that the thread contains a video.


No Posting of Nudity or Pictures/Videos from Banned Sources Allowed.

a) You may not post nude pictures or videos or post links to them either in your post or signature. Content with slight see-through and mostly obscured shots are OK. If you are in doubt, please ask a Mod before publicly posting. Censoring or modifying a nude image by blurring it or by adding another object to the image to cover up the area is not acceptable and will be treated the same as an actual nude image (Exception: if the image has been self-censored by the celebrity themselves, ie: to make it Instagram legal) . Fully exposed pictures (top or bottom) are not acceptable. This also applies to video posts. This site is designed for people of all ages and many of the picture and video hosts allowed here (such as ImageShack for example) do not allow these types of pictures. Unacceptable content will be removed by the moderators and the poster will be warned.

b) There is to be no posting of:
  • ELLE Magazine
  • FHM Magazine
  • Vanity Fair Magazine
  • Playboy Magazine
  • or scans or any other pictures that are owned by ELLE/FHM/Vanity Fair/Playboy (including images or videos from those entities' websites).

There is to be no posting of any images from:
  • Most Wanted Pictures, Inc
  • Splash News
  • MediaVast, Inc. and its affiliated divisions WireImage, FilmMagic, Contour Photos and WireImagesSTOCK
  • CPI (Creative Photographers Inc) or any of CPI's photographers. See this link for CPI's current list of photographers : . Only their current photographers are banned here.
  • pictures by Armando Gallo
  • Pictures from and
  • Melissa Debling from
  • Shelly Martinez from Latin Sensations
  • Any pictures from BWP Media USA
  • Any pictures from Pacific Coast News

Any banned content also cannot be used in avatars or signature banners.

Full DVD's, movies, full episodes of ongoing TV shows (True Blood, Game Of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars etc), all torrent files and MP3's are also not permitted here due to the obvious copyright issues.

If pictures from any of these sources are found being posted they will be removed without notice and the poster in question will be warned. Continued abuse of this rule will lead to your account being banned.

There are no exceptions to this rule.


a)Please limit your picture or video posts to celebrities only. A celebrity can be an up and comer in their field. Please do not post amateur models or any pics that are not celebrity related in the content sections. For the purposes of this forum a celebrity is someone who:

* Has a listing at IMDb (with 'enable adult titles/names in the search' turned off)
* Has a listing at
* Has appeared in Google News
* Has appeared in a general circulation magazine (one that you could find at your local grocery store or supermarket)

b) Celebrities should be placed in the sections they are best known for and the actresses sections are sorted alphabetically by first name. Male celebrities MUST be posted in the 'male celebrities' section even if you feel that they fall into the singers/musicians, models/atheletes or Miscellaneous categories. This forum was created as a 'female celeb forum' but a male section was later added for those that also like male celebrities and wished to share images/videos of them. If you are uncertain where pictures should be posted, please ask a Mod. You can also ask in the latest "Community Chat" edition in "The SuperiorPics Corner" section, where a Mod or long-time member who can help can usually be found.

(Some specific instances: post Jennifer Lopez in Actresses G-K, Jessica Simpson in Singers, Mandy Moore in Actresses L-O, Jessica Alba in Actresses G-K, wrestling divas in models/athletes.) If unsure, search before posting.

c) Non-picture topics should be placed in the "General Comments" or "Sports And Entertainment" areas.

d) When there is a dispute on which section a celeb should be posted in, we have a thread for discussing it here: Proper Categorization Of Celebrities We have determined that because any celebs can legitimately be posted to more than one category, and to make the use of the Search Feature easier, we would pick a category and that celeb would only be posted there from then on.

e) Pictures of groups of celebs from different categories should only be posted in the Miscellaneous Section although pop groups such as PussyCat Dolls or Girls Aloud would go in the Singers section. Porn Stars also only go in the Miscellaneous Section.

f) Video clips / screen caps from porn films are not permitted on this forum. As this forum caters for all ages only non-nude images of mainstream porn stars can be posted here (Jenna Jameson, Aria Giovanni etc) and these can be verified by doing a search on WITHOUT 'Enable adult titles/names in the search' switched on or by contacting a mod. Any content which is deemed unsuitable will be removed at the discretion of the moderators and the poster will be given a warning.

NEW 11/23/2015
g) Due to the possibility of abuse, flame wars, and trolling, transgender persons (whether male/female or female/male) will not be allowed to be posted on Superior Pics Forums.


All pictures must be posted using thumbnail links. This dramatically improves the performance of the forum and does not force users on slower connections to have to download megabytes of data when they open a thread. Use the "Preview Post" function to be sure you
have the correct thumbnail code. A tutorial on how to thumbnail can be found here:
How to post Thumbnails.

* Please try to ensure that you put a space between each image when posting multiple images so that they appear as


and not as


as it can be annoying to scroll down a long line of images and people will complain to the mods/admins about it.

* Please note that our forum software does not support the .jpeg extension. Posts made using .jpegs will not show up properly and will appear as broken image code. You must make sure that the images end in .jpg and NOT .jpeg

* If you are posting animated gifs, please mention in your title that this is the case and also include the file size if possible.

* If you are posting a link to a video, please include one or more preview pictures and the file size. Any threads that do not contain thumbnailed images or thumbnailed previews for video posts may be deleted without warning or explanation.

* Do not post a .ZIP/.RAR or any other compressed file that contains images or videos without including a preview thumbnail sheet to enable users to see all the images contained therein. Any threads that do not contain thumbnailed images or thumbnailed previews for archived posts may be deleted without warning or explanation.


* Hotlinking (linking to an image on someone else's website. This includes that you may not link your own web site either. ) is prohibited.

* Links to streaming video sites such as youtube may not be posted in the content sections however they are allowed in the 'General Comments' and 'Sports and Entertainment' sections.

* When posting pictures, use the UBB/Forum thumbnail code generated by any of these APPROVED image hosts: (Handles files up to 6mb in size) (Handles files up to 10Mb in size) (Handles files up to 3mb in size) (unlimited file size) (unlimited file size - maximum image dimensions are 1600x3200) (Handles files up to 10Mb in size) (Handles files up to 10mb in size) (Handles files up to 16mb in size) (Handles files up to 10mb in size)

These are the only image hosts allowed here.

* Any member who makes a post not using an approved host will be notified to use one of the approved hosts listed above and the thread will be locked. If a member continues to use an unapproved host they may be banned. If it is believed that the member is using an image host as spam they will be warned. Repeat offenders will be banned. No start-up image hosts are allowed due to the high volume/bandwidth demands that would be placed on them by this forum.

The use of the hosts ImageCash, CashMoneyUploads, imagebucks, imagefly, depositfiles, hotfile, sharingmatrix/filesonic or ANY other "cash for images" or "cash for clicks" sites is strictly prohibited.

Video hosts:
Effective 2018 November 27, the recommended video hosts for use at SP are:

Most commonly used in alphabetical order:

Others in alphabetical order:

You may use other hosts, including multiple uploaders such as Mirrorcreator, provided that a link to the file on one of the recommended hosts is included.


a) Before posting spend some time browsing this board to make sure that the pictures have not been posted within the last 30 days. You can use the Search feature (found at the top right corner of the screen) to help with this.

b) Pictures that are substantially different in size or resolution or have edited content will not be considered reposts. When posting, please make clear what is different about your version. Simply reencoding something into a different format with no other changes will be considered a repost (unless it is in response to a specific request to do so).

c) When making a post that has pictures of the same celeb at the same event as an existing post, even if the pictures are different, those pictures should be added to the existing thread instead of creating a new thread.

d) If a celeb has an ongoing Social Media thread (please consult the index at the top of each section) then all content derived from her social media goes into that thread. Content posted elsewhere will be merged into the relevant threads.

e) If a repost is found, it will either be merged with existing content or locked/removed at staff discretion.


Include the full name of the celebrity at the beginning of your post's subject and a brief description of the pictures or videos. If possible include the photographers name, the magazine name or the event and date. Users should have a fair idea of what to expect before they click on your thread. Content from an unknown source should be posted using as much information as you can get from the images or videos. For example: Hayden Panettiere - in a red bikini at the beach

8) SPAM:

Spam of any type is prohibited. Spam is defined as any advertisement of a different website or forum. You may include one link in your signature as long as it does not link to nudity, a site containing nudity, a site used for monetary gain, a retail site, or auction type of site. A link to your own website is allowed providing it meets those conditions. New members that registered just to spam for another site will be immediately banned without warning.


It has been decided by the administration that internet models will not be featured on this forum. These women are not considered celebrities and some of their images contain adult content which posters usually do not remove before posting. Threads containing such content will be locked and the poster will be notified.


Do NOT post fake pictures. They will be deleted. Slightly enhancing pictures, such as altering the brightness or gamma levels is acceptable but state that the images are edited in either the thread title or your post.


Pictures/videos of celebrities that are younger than the age of 16 at the time that the picture was taken or that the video was filmed are prohibited. The only exception to this rule is when someone under 16 years of age appears alongside or in the background of an older celebrity who is the main subject (such as the children a celebrity mother in candids or younger actors in a film/tv cast photo). No other postings of celebrities under the age of 16 is allowed on SP and violations of this rule will be immediately deleted. For other teens under 18, inappropriate or sexual comments, counter comments (including those against members) and judgement or harassment of other posters will be deleted by staff without notice and those members involved may face immediate banishment.

No one will be exempt from this rule. Arguing about teenage legality will also not be tolerated.


Do not reply to a picture or video thread in which the last post was more than 30 days ago (called "bumping"). Offenders will be warned and multiple offenders will be banned. The only exceptions are if you are posting new or updated pictures, or answering a question that had not yet been answered. Requests to repost the pictures or videos or move the content to a different hosting site belong in the "Requests" section, not the content threads.


a) Before making a request, please take the time to use the SEARCH function in the top right corner of the page. You might find what you are looking for and save time for others.

b) Only 1 request every 7 days is allowed! Others will be deleted without any explanation.

c) Each request may only contain 1 celebrity, unless it is a group photo.

d) Add a small description to the request, and if possible a thumbnailed example.
Example: Hilary Duff - MMVA 2004 high quality pics

e) Do NOT bump your own request. Any action such as this will result in a thread being locked.

f) Do not request any pictures that violate the other rules of the forum. This explicitly includes requests that the material be sent via PM or email. Any requests for material that violates the rules will be deleted without warning.

Any and all requests and request fills must adhere to the Rules of the Forum as well.

Remember, if you contribute to the forum, other members will most likely offer their help and those that contribute regularly over a period of time may be offered SP Contributor status (an orange user name).
Rule breakers will be warned first. Constant rule breakers may face banishment.


Do not fill a request by posting images in the request threads, these will be removed and result in the thread being locked

Post the requested pictures in a separate post in the appropriate forum section and post a link to the picture post in the request thread.

Any pictures or postings that fill requests must adhere to the Rules of the forum.


1) You can find a resource for most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page. All Members are encouraged to read the FAQ page prior to posting any questions in the forum. You may find that your question is already answered.

2) If you have any questions about the rules of this forum, you are free to Private Message (PM) any of the Moderators of this forum and your questions will be addressed promptly. A current list of moderators can be found in the bottom left hand corner of this page.

Administrators on this forum have red usernames, Moderators are green, SP Contributors are orange and SP Trustees/former staff members are purple. From 16th August 2013 cyan will be the colour of username given to the winner of the Banner of the Month poll.

3) SuperiorPics Forum postings prior to August 1, 2005 are no longer available. These archives are gone and will never return.

4) If for whatever reason you need your username changed or adjusted please contact any moderator or admin and they will make the changes for you. Mods and Admins can also give you a customised user title but we ask that you make at least 100 posts (new threads and or replies) before making this request.

5) Updates to the forum rules will be listed in the From The Webmaster section of the forum. The date of the last update will be added to the thread title of the forum rules.

Edited by SarsenLintel (09/26/19 01:57 PM)
Edit Reason: changes to repost rule

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe More Posts
#746982 - 04/15/07 09:53 AM *IMPORTANT NOTICE* - Underage Celebrities Rule Change
Skorge Offline  

Ariana Grande's Marito™

Registered: 12/29/04
Posts: 73
Loc: Making sweet love with Ariana
This notice is to inform the members of the forums that celebrities under the age of 16 may no longer be posted here. This decision has been made after lengthy discussions involving all members of the SP Administration as a result of continuous breaches of Rule 11. The rule clearly states that For other teens under 18, inappropriate or sexual comments, counter comments (including those against members) and judgement or harressment of other posters will be deleted by staff without notice and those members involved may face immediate banishment. However this rule has been getting ignored and moderators were being disrespected when they removed the offensive comments which is inexcusable and will not be tolerated. The only option available is to increase the age limit and to start taking a harder stance which will include banning repeat offenders.

This decision is not up for debate and will be in place as of 1st May 2008. We apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused to the SuperiorPics members who abide by the rules and hope that you understand our decision,

Thank you for your co-operation.

The SuperiorPics Administration

Edited by XenaGuy (03/02/16 04:47 PM)
Edit Reason: Remove "" from color code

snoop Offline  

All-Time Great

Registered: 02/06/05
Posts: 13614
The rules have recently been updated to include a few lines which allows video/image threads to be removed without explanation if you fail to follow the forum rules .

* If you are posting a link to a video, please include one or more preview pictures and the file size. Any threads that do not contain thumbnailed images or thumbnailed previews for video posts may be deleted without warning or explanation.

* Do not post a .ZIP/.RAR or any other compressed file that contains images or videos without including a preview thumbnail sheet to enable users to see all the images contained therein. Any threads that do not contain thumbnailed images or thumbnailed previews for archived posts may be deleted without warning or explanation.

Many threads by new members have been getting created recently which don't have thumbnails and in some cases no preview images at all for videos.

If you do not know how to post thumbnails or create screencaps/previews there is a walkthrough guide HERE

Please note that it is also important (and part of the rules) that you use the video icon when posting a thread containing videos

Many members are also still ignoring the strict 'no cash for clicks' hosts rule:

The use of the hosts ImageCash, CashMoneyUploads, imagebucks, imagefly, depositfiles, hotfile, sharingmatrix/filesonic or ANY other "cash for images" or "cash for clicks" sites is strictly prohibited. This includes hosts that offer multiple video links such as as many of the links are for cash for clicks sites

Recommended Video hosts are:

To clarify NO cash for clicks hosts may be used and links will be removed without notice and the poster will be warned and possibly banned if they continue to ignore the rules., Hotfile, Depositfiles & are among the commonly used hosts that are not allowed here. If you are still uncertain which hosts are allowed please PM a moderator or admin.

Edited by XenaGuy (09/08/11 02:39 AM)

#3037700 - 01/12/11 01:16 PM Signature Images Are Now Enabled For Forum Regulars
Skorge Offline  

Ariana Grande's Marito™

Registered: 12/29/04
Posts: 73
Loc: Making sweet love with Ariana
Members of the "Forum Regulars" group now have the ability to add a banner image to their signature. Not sure if you're a member of the "Forum Regulars" group? The easiest way to tell is if you have the ability to change your own title, which is found in the My Stuff --> My Profile menu. The option will be located underneath the "Verify Password" field.

Now, with this new privilege comes a set of rules. They are as follows:
  • Images are to be no more than 500px wide x 200px high
  • Absolutely NO animated .gifs are to be used in your signature. Those caught using one will have them removed immediately
  • Do not try to hide forbidden websites within a clickable image, we will be checking

The use of static images at the aforementioned dimensions will keep banners at approximately 50kb, which is very reasonable. Users have the option to turn off the display of forum signatures by going to My Stuff -> Edit Preferences and selecting no under "Do you want to view other user's signatures with their posts?".

Any user that isn't a member of the "Forum Regulars" group can ask any member of the Moderating staff and if your request is accepted by all of us, you will be added to the group and have access to the 2 features that go along with it (changing your own title and using images in your signature).



The SuperiorPics Administration Team

#3913280 - 07/20/12 11:09 AM Avatars And Banners Cannot Contain Banned Material

After further discussion with the owners of SuperiorPics Forum, it has been decided that banned material (IE, Playboy, FHM, Vanity Fair, Elle, Internet Models, etc) cannot be used in any form. This means no avatars and no banners will be allowed if they contain content, owned or used by any of the banned sources. Fake images are also banned on this forum so please do not use those either


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