some of the beauties who appeared in Carry On films 1950's to 1970's. Being a Carry On fan I thought i'll find pics of the women (usually busty)who appeared in the films.
Valerie Leon - Carry On Up The Jungle (in skimpy outfit)
Shirley Eaton - Carry On Constable (with Leslie Phillips)
Sally Geeson - Carry On Abroad
Barbara Windsor - Carry On Camping (famous bit when her top comes 0ff)
Amanda Barrie - Carry On Cleo (as Cleopatra)
Angela Douglas - Carry On Cowboy
Elizabeth Fraser - Carry On Cruising (in undies)
Suzanne Danielle - Carry On Emmanuelle (in shower)
Anita Harris - Carry On Follow That Camel (as a bellydancer)
Margaret Nolan - Carry On Henry
Jacki Piper - Carry On Up The Jungle
Imogen Hassell - Carry On Loving (with Sid James)
Joan Sims - Carry On Cowboy
note : out of them Imogen and Joan have died

k. plested