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I hope that all the love interests will show up in some capacity (assuming they survived ME2). Especially Miranda and Tali, Miranda because of Yvonne Strahovski and dat ass, and Tali because she's been with Shepard since the beginning. It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense from a story perspective if these people just vanished without explanation.

Nice to see Ashley letting her hair down. Maybe she's trying to compete with Miranda?

Not that either of them can steal Shep away from Liara... biggrin

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I don't see any point in a multiplayer mode im Mass Effect, it's an RPG, the FPSs can handle that.

Given Tali's popularity I'd be surprised if she wasn't a squad member or had an important role otherwise.

We already know Yvonne Strahovski is doing Voice Work for Miranda.

We also been told Since Mass Effect 2 Development, If you cheat on your ME 1 Romance. Their will be consequences. LI will be returning in some way.

When the article was released all Tali Fanban started to bitch & Moan that Tali was not announced as a Squad Member. BioWare PR had to clam them down telling them they are aware of Tali Popularity.

Miranda is a very popular Character as well. Plus her story from Mass Effect 2 was left unresolved. It's suggested that Miranda is returning as well.

Not sure what kind of Info PSM3 got ahold of. Maybe we will hear another Squad Member announced at the end of the month. E3 should be the big reveal of some of the game.

BioWare will be announcing the Squad Members over the course of the next 7 months. Their should between 8 to 12 Squad members to pick from.

We don't even know if Liara or James Sanders are permanent Squad members. It's highly suggested that Ashley \ Kaiden are.


As for the MultiPlayer it's EA Pushing for it not BioWare. EA Execs stated in an interview that SinglePlayer Only games are dead.